Health care and regenerative dermatology
- from one provider


After 20 years of experience in the medical field, I can rely on a great deal of expertise and know-how. My understanding of preventive medicine is based on conventional medicine, proven naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), among others.

Due to my wealth of experience in the field of holistic medicine, I am an important contact person after therapist odysseys or the diagnosis "untreatable".

In the field of regenerative dermatology, I offer an all-inclusive spectrum of services including regenerative injections, HIFU, Plasmage, mesotherapy. My goal is to offer my patients only the highest quality and only the safest, most effective, officially approved products.

In addition to my therapies and in cooperation with my partner in Wroclaw I can also offer advice and support for plastic treatments in Poland.


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 Why choose Joanna? 
Preventive medicine
as a foundation principle of holistic medicine
Promote wellbeing based on
the body’s own repair mechanisms
Health and regenerative dermatology
from one provider
Non-invasive aesthetic treatments
as an alternative to surgery

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