Enzyme therapy

What is enzyme therapy?

Enzyme therapy comprises a series of products that have been developed specifically for the treatment of different types of fibrosis (accumulation of excess fat, fluids, etc.). It is based on three different innovative products composed of the three recombinant enzymes collagenase, lipase and lyase.

The products are available in different combinations and various concentrations. Each product is therefore effective for specific indications whilst accessing the benefits of all three enzymes.

As the enzymes are highly purified and do not contain any exogenous proteins, the risk of intolerance or allergic reactions is minimized. Enzyme therapy can be used for the whole body.


To begin with, the area to be treated is disinfected. An anaesthetic is usually not required but can be administered if the patient is very sensitive to pain. The active ingredient is then injected with a very fine needle.

The substances are injected with slightly cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which is reputed to have an anti-inflammatory, regenerative and stimulating effect on collagen formation. As a rule, the regeneration process takes about four weeks, after which the effects should be permanent.

The number of required treatments varies according to the patient and respective indication. Although good results can already be achieved after just a single application, patients should generally expect three to four treatments at intervals of around 10-14 days

Treatment areas

  • Saggy skin

  • Stretch marks (e.g. after pregnancy)

  • Scars resulting from acne, accidents, surgery, etc.

  • Fat depots

  • Postoperative fibrosis

  • Fibrosis with fat accumulation

  • Oedemas

  • Cellulitis


  • The treatment addresses the root of the problem, not the surface

  • Intelligent solutions for individual problems

  • Natural alternative to chemical substances

  • Visible results usually after the first treatment

  • Stimulates the formation of new cells

  • Bio-active enzymes