What is OBERON®?

Every internal organ, every type of tissue, every cell contains and sends a very specific pattern of information. Alternative medicine believes that these determine the function, structure, and state of each organ.

Alternative medicine also sees these as being connected to information our body sends about illnesses, microorganisms, toxins, allergens, food sensitivities, and even emotions.

The OBERON® system is a naturopathic diagnostic system that uses “multi-dimensional non-linear system analysis” (MNLS) and is designed for alternative medicine.

The MNLS method is a non-invasive method, which means the measurements are made inductively — via headphones, and without physical touch.

Treatment areas in my practice

  • Non-invasive, differentiated evaluation of all organs down to the cellular level

  • Early detection of looming or chronic disturbances in the body’s function

  • Cause analysis: interference fields, parasites, bacteria, fungal infections, viruses

  • List of allergens

  • Information about microorganisms

  • Detection of genetic food sensitivities

  • Detection of toxic load: heavy metals, environmental pollutants, etc.

  • Deficiency symptoms: vitamins, minerals, trace minerals

  • Signs of imbalances in the blood count

  • Condition of the intestinal environment

  • Signs of psychological stress

  • Determination of the probable effects of pharmaceutical and natural substances, homeopathic medicines and dietary supplements

  • Creation of an optimal dietary programme to improve the patient’s general condition.


The NLS method (non-linear system) is a non-invasive test method. Non-invasive means that the person being tested does not need to consume contrast agents, nor is the use of a probe necessary. Rather, the measurements are made inductively via headphones.